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How to shop online so that you pay less for the item you have your eyes on ...

Anoosheh Kalantari

Posted on September 02 2019

How to shop online so that you pay less for the item you have your eyes on ...


Smart Shopping = shopping the item that I want and paying the minimum possible price for it, has become a talent of mine. All my friends and family come and ask me, I saw this dress, bag, or shoe, but how can I buy it paying less? And I always can find the item for less and help them.

I can teach you guys so much about smart shopping so that you always save at least 30% on designer brands, and no I am not going to tell you to wait until it goes on sale or find a coupon. I am planning to make a series of videos to delve more into this matter, but for the time being I am going to teach you the basic factor that plays a huge role in the price of the item that you desire.

Before I continue I must add that the following examples would be true before Brexit, but after Brexit so many other factors are going to play a role into this model, including where the item is manufactured. Rule number 1:

Anoosheh & Banafsheh Alaia Skirt Kelly Hermes Bag Fashion Bloggers Fashion Designers Louboutin Shoes


Always learn which country the brand is from, and then chose the online retailer for that product accordingly.

For example, let’s say you have fallen in love with a jacket from Alexander McQueen, and you have found this item available on multiple online retailers. It is possible to go through all of them and check the pricing on each, but it would save you time to only look at online retailers who are in Europe or have a presence in Europe such as Net-A-Porter.

A common mistake for people who live in North America and shop from Net-A-Porter, is that they buy European brands from the American website of Net-A-Porter, hence loosing at least 33%. If you live in North America, and want to buy an Alexander McQueen jacket on Net-A-Porter, you must choose their European site to purchase the item not the American site. So basically, before you add the item to your basket, go to the upper left corner and choose a country in Europe, such as Italy, France, or UK and see how the price changes.

On the other hand, if you live in the United States and want to buy an item from an American brand, then it is best to choose the item from an online retailer that is in United States; however, because of so many other factors such as tariffs and duties, you may be able to buy the American brand a little cheaper from a European website if that item is manufactured in Europe. (will make a video on this one)

We bought the outfit I am wearing in Europe and saved 22% on the retail price because of tax returns. Again, how to get the maximum tax return in Europe needs further explanation, and I promise to make videos on it as well, so that next time you are in Europe, you take your shopping money back to your saving account or spend it on a lovely dining experience in a Michelin Star restaurant.

Thank you for reading and if you want to buy an item and want to pay the least amount possible just send me a message on the Contact Us page and I will reply promptly. :) 

Color Story: Black & Blush Beige with touches of Royal Blue, Burgundy, and Depp Red

nude black blue red burgundy color palette

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The look in this picture is the following and you can click on the italic fonts describing the item and it will take you to the website that sells it,

+ Leopard Skirt is Alaia 

+ Black Corset Belt is Alaia (read my post on Alaia corset belts here)

+ Top is Mabelle D Ring Bodysuit of Superdown bought from Revolve

+ Necklace is Chanel from the Dubai Runway Collection

+ Barette Pin from Simone Rocha

+ Bag is Hermes Kelly


Anoosheh & Banafsheh Four Seasons Dubai wearing Alaia Skirt and Corset Belt and holding a Kelly Hermes Bag Fashion Bloggers in Dubai 

Anoosheh & Banafsheh wearing tiger print velvet Alaia skirt matched with Alaia Corset Belt 
















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