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Anoosheh & Banafsheh

Anoosheh, graduate of Parsons School of Design, and Banafsheh, graduate of Rotman MBA program: we are sisters who love fashion, design, creativity, sustainability, our blue planet, and smart shopping.

Anoosheh and Banafsheh is a fashion design house inspired by mathematics, technology, romance, fairytales, youth, and color. Not only we design and create, but also we appreciate and love the creativity and creations of other talented designers and report on our favorite designs, styles and smart shopping methods.

We want to create a platform that creates beautiful looks and provides the best guidance on what to buy and how to shop, so that our audience always looks beautiful and feels powerful while paying the minimum possible price.

We are currently located in Dubai, but soon will relocate to New York City. We LOVE both cities and started our company in October 2018 in Dubai. 

Currently we are on Instagram and Facebook. Soon we will launch our youtube channel through which we provide videos on how and from where to shop so all buyers pay less for their favorite designer brands.