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7 Reasons Why We LOVE Moda Operandi: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Anoosheh Kalantari

Posted on August 17 2019

7 Reasons Why We LOVE Moda Operandi: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Online shopping is no longer a convenience but a necessity considering our busy schedules for today's higher standards of living, loving, educating, and working. Plus, online shopping offers us a universe of ideas, creations, prices, and choices without the pressure of sales commissioners on customers to purchase the items that they are trying on or are considering for a time when they have the funds.  We have so many online retailers that we love for our fashion shopping and Moda Operandi is definitely among the top 5.

Following is 7 reasons why Moda Operandi is one of our most favorite fashion online retailer:

1. Learn About New Designers & New Ideas

Through Moda Operandi, we learn about new designers who we did not know before. We are now loyal and regular customers of at least 10 designers, to whom we were introduced through Moda Operandi. An example is Dice Kayek. We learned about Dice Kayek through Moda Operandi and now we are big fans of their beautifully structured and architectural designs with high quality fabrics. The dress I am wearing in this picture is from Dice Kayek. Check their latest collections by clicking here.

2. Customers are the Fashion Editors of Their Closets

In Moda Operandi, customers are the fashion editors and are presented with the option to choose the color, piece, or look they like directly from the runway rather than to choose from a preselected sub-collection of the designers' collections.

3. Two-Installment Payment Method 

The two-installment payment method of 50% down payment and 50% when the product is ready, makes the higher end designers and more expensive products more accessible and easier to buy.

4. Fantastic Customer Support 

Moda Operandi has excellent customer support. You are assigned a personal shopper and he/she is with you 24 hours through your preferred choice of communication. There were incidents in which we had a less than desirable customer support and Moda Operandi went above and beyond to turn those incidents into great ones. We love brands in which customers are always heard.

5. Loyalty Program 

We LOVE Loyalty programs in which you collect points that are equivalent to dollars not benefits and gifts, and Moda Operandi has such program (as does brands under Amber in Dubai). In Moda Operandi's loyalty program customers accrue points for every purchase they make and can redeem their points whenever they like to.

6. Easy Free Returns & Fast Shipping

Moda Operandi has convenient and supportive return/refund/exchange policies that include free and fast returns internationally. It is a true inconvenience, specially for international customers, when online retailers ask customers to pay for return shipping or even worse ask them to arrange for a trip to the post office to send the items back. Moda Operandi provides free returns that will be collected from the location of customer's choosing and you receive your orders within 2-3 business days internationally. 

7. A Champion of the Fashion Industry

Moda Operandi is a great contributor to the fashion industry. As a fashion design student who wants to start her own line, I appreciate the support new designers with limited marketing budget receive from Moda Operandi. Through Moda Operandi, new designers and creative minds can present their collections without having the capital for expensive fashion shows and ad campaigns.


Moda Operandi Dice Kayek Elie Saab Zanotti Shoes Fashion Designers Fashion Bloggers 

The designers of the look in the picture above with the link to their websites are,

+ Dice Kayek Black & White Satin Dress

+ Anoosheh & Banafsheh White Siri Petticoat Skirt underneath the dress

+ Elie Saab Green Belt

+ Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

+ Giuseppe Zanotti Green Crystal Shoes


Color Story: Black & White with touches of Green and Red

Color Palette Color Story Anoosheh & Banafsheh Dice Kayek Dior Fashion Blogger Designer



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