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Our Pinterest board with over 42000 fashion styles to buy & Our favorite style shoppings for this holiday season

Anoosheh Kalantari

Posted on December 12 2019

Our Pinterest board with over 42000 fashion styles to buy & Our favorite style shoppings for this holiday season


The best season for love and shopping is upon us: The holiday season!

+ Retailers have inviting sales 

+ Parties are abundant

+ Events are fabulous

+ Dresses, bags, shoes, and make-up all sparkle and shine! This is my MOST FAVORITE part

+ Gratitude, love, and kindness is in the air

In this post, I want to share with you my most favorite fashion items for looking fabulous and young this season. 

The dress I am wearing in this shoot is from the amazing David Koma, whose designs are vibrant, energetic, young, structured, and clean. If you are looking for a fabulous, unique, and glamorous dress to wear to parties this holiday season and new years of 2020, David Koma is definitely one of the designers I would highly recommend.

My earrings are from Gucci. Sparkling drop earrings are a definite must wear for holiday season and I am listing few choices in this post. 

My make up in this shoot is done using Huda Beauty's Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette, which I love so much that I bought two of it! 

Color Story Pink White Silver Tiffany Blue Fashion and Style color Palette

Anoosheh & Banafsheh Anoosheh wearing David Koma London with Chanel Classic Flap Bag Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Designers in Dubai and New York City a shopping guide for holiday season and new years eve 2020

Anoosheh wearing David Koma London and Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Tiffany Blue and Gucci Earrings Anoosheh & Banafsheh Fashion and Style Blogger and Fashion Designer

Before I continue with my selection for this holiday season, I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite boards on our Pinterest account named Anoosheh Style. This board has over 42000 pins and is updated daily with our most favorite fashion items that are available to be purchased from a wide range of online fashion retailers and designers. If you are a Pinterester, this board can provide you well-curated and inspired fashion styles and items to buy directly by clicking on the associated link with them. Check it by clicking here.  


Styling Tips for this Holiday Season

1. Don't wear black

I know that this one is going to create a surprise for you all since the whole fashion industry has been about the Little Black Dress for over a century. However, here is what I have witnessed over and over again: every dress looks better in white on you that in black. There is a reason that the color black has been associated with sad events throughout history and I think that one of the main reasons the color black became popular is that it used to be a daring and differentiating choice of color to be worn to un-sad events. However, black has been over worn especially to formal events, parties, and work and does not carry that differentiating look anymore, so why would you opt for the color black that can make you less attractive than its opposite, the color white and for that matter all the other colors in the spectrum?

Black does not make you look slimmer, it makes you look smaller, older, and less vibrant. In addition, when it comes to creating the power look for yourself, I think that the color white and all other colors in rich hues triumph black. 

In particular, I always wondered why women mostly choose to wear black when going to New Year's Eve parties! I mean I always want to start the new year with a vibrant, happy, hopeful, and young color, but if you want to go for a black dress, it is recommended that you choose a design that has an open upper body, showing your skin at shoulders and arms.


2. List of our go-to designers according to the style of the event

Before I start, the list below is by no means an exhaustive list as there are numerous other great choices. This list comes from some of my favorite brands for the events below. Clicking on the name of the brand will take you to their official website.


Dance Parties

+ David Koma

+ Cushnie

+ Balmain

+ Herve Leger

+ Johanna Ortiz

+ Rasario

+ Attico

+ Dolce & Gabbana 

+ Alex Perry

+ Alexandre Vauthier


+ Brandon Maxwell

+ Retrofete

+ Fidan Simsek

+ Versace

Elegant Dinners

+ Alaia

+ Alessandra Rich

+ Giambattista Valli

+ Johanna Ortiz

+ Jason Wu

+ Dolce & Gabbana

+ Rosie Assoulin 

+ Rodarte

+ Alexis Mabille

+ Maticevski

+ Michael Kors

+ Brandon Maxwell

+ Carolina Herrera

+ Jenny Packham

+ Simone Rocha

Gala Events

+ Oscar de la Renta

+ Jason Wu

+ Dolce & Gabbana

+ Rodarte

+ Maticevski

+ Carolina Herrera

+ Elie Saab

+ Zuhair Murad

+ Jenny Packham

+ Alexander McQueen

+ Ralph & Russo 


Going to a Christmas party, Banafsheh wore this vibrant red and blue style. Note how mixing rich shades of blue and red create a strong look and adding a seemingly unrelated print such as the leopard headband creates differentiation and a story to the look.

Her look is,

+ Cushnie Off-shoulder Top

+ Dolce & Gabbana Skirt

+ Chanel Velvet Boy Bag

+ Lele Sadoughi Leopard Print Satin Headbang

Banafsheh wearing Cushnie Dolce & Gabbana Chanel Lele Sadoughi Anoosheh & Banafsheh Fashion Designers and Fashion Bloggers


3. Accessorize with earrings and rings

Earrings and rings are the accessories that you should never skip on. Earrings are a frame for your face and the right ones can lift and brighten your face and rings bring femininity and attention to your hands which in turn affect your expressions. Below is a list of some of my most favorite brands for accessories but of course there are many more.


+ Jennifer Behr 

+ Of Rare Origin

+ Rosantica

+ Dolce & Gabbana

+ Alessandra Rich

+ Repossi

+ Objekts

“You can always tell what kind of a person a man thinks you are by the earrings he gives you. I must say — the mind reels.” Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's

Anoosheh wearing Gucci earrings and David Koma dress and Chanel classic flap bag Anoosheh & Banafsheh are fashion bloggers and fashion designers

4. The pinched waist is always a good idea

Did you know that the first sign of femininity is the woman's waist or to be more precise is the ratio of her waist to hip? The smaller this ratio, the more sex appeal is subconsciously associated with her. That is why Christian Dior designs and creations have always been synonymous with femininity, because of The New Look that is focused on the pinched waist and a full skirt. 

To accentuate your waist to hip ratio and elevate your look, wear designs that have a defined waistline and use a belt or even better a corset belt on it. I delved further into the appeal of corset belts, in particular, the ones from Alaia in another post, click here if you like to learn more and see the links for buying some of the most beautiful corset belts from Alaia.

Anoosheh & Banafsheh Anoosheh wearing an Elie Saab belt on a Dice Kayek dress -Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Designers

5. Wear at least one item that shines

We all love shiny things such as stars, gold, diamonds, Christmas trees, magic wands, crowns, and beaches of Mykonos. Shine implies serendipity, so make sure you wear at least one item that shines. I personally love sparkling shoes and my most favorite shoe designer for them is Giuseppe Zanotti.


Thank you for reading and please send me any questions you have. Love you all and Happy Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

Anoosheh & Banafsheh Anoosheh wearing David Koma Dress with Chanel Flap Bag in Dubai Mall





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