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Chic & Comfortable at Home

Anoosheh Kalantari

Posted on March 22 2020

Chic & Comfortable at Home


Happy Nowruz Everyone! I think this is the first Nowruz of Persian history that we cannot go and visit our family and friends for the next 7 days because of the corona epidemic. But let's take this negative situation and make something fabulous and fun out of it.

Here is a list of all the things that are both fun and 'smartifying', making you feel enlightened and stronger after this period of solitude,

+ do creative work: I think everyone is a designer at heart and likes to create/invent things! whether it is doing Origami, designing products, writing, making clothes, building Legos, or painting, you have the opportunity to practice this soul-strengthening activity

+ read books: books give us ideas, excitement for life, and hope

+ mediation and self-reflection: do it your own way! you don't have to mediate according to a certain instruction! whichever way you feel most comfortable communicating with our interrelated universe is the right way! communicating with our universe makes you stronger, happier, and that much closer to achieving your dreams

Considering that currently, we have to spend so much time at home with each other, I am writing this post to share with you notes on how to look stylish, beautiful, and comfortable at home.

For this shoot, I am wearing a  pink tulle skirt, a pink bodysuit, and a red corset belt. Pinching your waist with a corset belt when wearing a full skirt makes you look more feminine. I also love adding red color to a pink look: it brings energy, sexiness, and excitement to the look.

+ Dolce & Gabbana Tulle Skirt

+ NBD Bodysuit

+ Alaia Laser Cut Corset Belt

Pink Red Black White Color Palette Anoosheh & Banafsheh Anoosheh & Banafsheh Fashion Bloggers in Dubai posting on how to stay chic at home wearing Dolce and Gabbana Skirt

 Anoosheh & Banafsheh Fashion Bloggers in Dubai posting on how to stay chic at home wearing Dolce and Gabbana Skirt

1. Beautiful and Comfortable Knits for Loungewear

Knits are very comfortable because of their elastic nature and they keep our bodies at the wanted temperature depending on the materials used for the yarns. This is why the majority of garments used for loungewear are made out of knits. 

Since most knits for loungewear come in faded and basic colors such as white, black, grey, beige, and faded pink, I highly recommend that you go for lighter tones or even better just white, as brighter colors bring in more positive energy. My favorite is the color white because it reflects cleanness, freshness, and light - feelings that are much needed now.

Below are some of the most stylish loungewear websites I could find. Surprisingly I could not find that many that I love; hence the new idea to design chic and comfortable loungewear myself. Most websites have sales now because of the coronavirus epidemic that has caused majors drops in sales.


Carbon38 Staying In

Carbon38 is one of my favorite online retailers for finding colorful and designful sportswear. Besides their sportswear collection, they carry activewear and loungewear categories from a number of different brands. Below are some examples and for more click here.

Carbon38 Moto Jogger $148

Carbon38 Cropper Moto Sweatshirt $158

Carbon38 Loungewear Staying In CARBON38 Moto Jogger 

Net-A-Porter Loungewear

Net-A-Porter is my most favorite fashion online retailer. They have an impeccable collection, fabulous customer support, and reliable delivery operations. They have an ongoing 15% sales and a Loungewear category with great options to choose from.

Left: Thom Browne Striped Cotton-Jersey Cardigan $750

Right: CASASOLA Net sustain Ribbed-Knit Mini Dress $1220

Thom Browne Striped Cotton-Jersey Cardigan on Net-A-Porter
     CASASOLA Net sistain Ribbed-Knot Mini Dress on Net-A-Porter

Left: SKIN Ribbed Jersey Gift Set $370

Right: CALE Celeste Stretch Velour Hoodie $185

Right: CALE Sonia Stretch Velour Track Pants $185

Skin Ribbed Jersey Gift Set on Net-A-Porter     CALE Sonia stretch-velour track pants and Celeste stretch-velour hoodie on Net-A-Porter   


Pretty Little Thing Loungewear

This website offers a loungewear category at low prices. The designs are fun and girlish.

Left:  Grey Marl Crop Off-Shoulder Sweater £12

Right: Cream Short Sleeve Zip Detail Sweat Playsuit £15


ZARA Loungewear

Zara has managed to provide us with the easiest and most consistent fashion and style shopping over the decades. They have a dedicated category to loungewear. My most favorite looks among them are the following.

Left: ZARA Satin Top $39

Left: ZARA Satin Pants $39

Right: ZARA Balloon Shorts $35.90

Right: ZARA Draped Top $29.90

ZARA Satin Top Loungewear    ZARA Balloon Top and Shorts 


2. Silks

There are several categories for which you must own items in silk,

+ Silk Pillowcases for better aging and more comfortable sleep

+ Silk Sleepwear

+ Silk Lingerie

+ Silk Scarves



Slip is my most favorite brand for buying silk pillowcases and silk hairbands. I definitely recommend you all to buy their silk pillowcases as there is nothing smoother and more comforting for your skin during sleep. Silk pillow sheets prevent sleep creases and stretching that can cause premature aging and they are gentle on hair, extending your blow-out.

You can find SLIP products on a number of websites including Net-A-Porter and Shopbop.

Left: SLIP Hollywood hills Embroidered Striped Silk Queen Pillowcase

Right: SLIP Set of Three Large Silk Hair Ties

SLIP Hollywood hills Embroidered Striped Silk Queen Pillowcase     Slip Hair Band



There are a number of brands with beautiful silk sleepwear products. Below you can find the link to their websites or to retailers that sell their products.

Morgan Lane

Left: Ruthie Top in Iris Stripe $248

Right: Corey Short in Iris Stripe $158

Morgan Lane Top in Iris Stripe     Corey Short in Iris Stripe

Left: Tilly Romper in Cloud Pink $258

Right:  Langley Robe in Periwinkle $378

Tilly Romper in Cloud Pink     Morgan Lane Langley Robe in Periwinkle

Carine Gilson 

Left: Chantilly Lace Trimmed Silk Satin Robe on Net-A-Porter $2057.75

Right: Chantilly Lace Trimmed Silk Satin Chemise on Net-A-Porter $900.25

CARINE GILSONChantilly lace-trimmed silk-satin robe     CARINE GILSONChantilly lace-trimmed silk-satin chemise

Left: Light Kimono in Light Satin Silk €1890

Right: Light Kimono in Light Satin Silk €1890

Carine Gilson Long Kimono in Light Satin Silk     Carine Gilson Long Kimono Light Silk Satin


Left: Long Negligee Gemma Blue/Gold €326.25

Right: Nightie Soie Fantaisie Blue €256.67

Marjolaine Long negligee Gemma Blue/Gold     Marjolaine Nightie Soie fantaisie Blue

I will write more on sleepwear and lingerie in another post as I have so many great ones to share with you.


many thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions. 

Sending love, health, positive energy, and happiness for you and your loved ones.

Anoosheh & Banafsheh article on chic loungewear and sleepwear wearing Dolce and Gabbana Pink Tulle Skirt

 Anoosheh & Banafsheh article on chic loungewear and sleepwear wearing Dolce and Gabbana Pink Tulle Skirt





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